Skyrocketing your brand awareness, customer acquisition and income through commercialized apparel.


1. Result Oriented

During each and every project we work towards tangible results. We always deliver and will show you why and how we managed to do so.

3. Longterm

We want your apparel to have a lasting impact on your community and customers. So do we want our relationship to have that same impact.

5. Humble

All of our clients are building strong brands and we don’t want to stand in their way. That’s why we have mastered the skill of silently supporting their growth.

2. Proactive

Being extremely proactive allows us to compensate for our clients enduring trust in our services. It’s our mission to ensure your continuous growth.

4. Personal

Knowing who you’re working with is important and we get that. Your personal account manager will take great care of you. Especially if you let him know when your birthday is.


  • Henri-Philippe Gardin
    Henri-Philippe Gardin Expert in fashion brand strategies
  • Steven Callens
    Steven Callens Expert in nightlife merchandise
  • Niels Vandecasteele
    Niels Vandecasteele Expert in marketing for fashion brands
  • Basiel Sinnesael
    Basiel Sinnesael Expert in starting clothing brands
  • Nils Wittevrongel
    Nils Wittevrongel Lead Graphic Designer
  • Bartel Samyn
    Bartel Samyn Front-end developer
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